Become an osteopath


A career, a life-long passion!

Have you been thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare? Osteopaths are in huge demand across the UK and abroad for their healthcare knowledge and expertise, helping people of all ages from all walks of life.

From day one after completing either your Batchelor of Science (BSc.) or Integrated Masters (M.Ost) degree, you be fully equipped with your expert skillset to provide osteopathic care and treatment, becoming part of a respected and regulated healthcare professional network.

You can earn on average £45,000 per year, with a variety of jobs available in private healthcare clinics as well as the NHS.


Studying osteopathy

Learning all there is to know about anatomy and physiology together with nutrition, biomechanics, pathology and pharmacology, you will be working with real patients whilst you study for either Batchelor of Science (BSc.) or integrated Masters (MOst.). You will learn hands-on practical skills and techniques that will enable you to assess, diagnose and help not only the site of pain but take a whole-person approach to health. Research skills and business communications are also included in your degree. Click here to find out more, including where to study.

On completion of your degree, and on registration with the regulator*, you will be able to practise as a fully qualified osteopath.



Don’t just take our word for it…

Step into the shoes of these talented osteopaths and find out what it’s really like working as an osteopath.


Register your interest today for the opportunity to discuss your options.


*Osteopath is a protected title in the UK, and you must have completed a qualification from a recognised provider and be registered with the regulator to practise in the UK. The standard of osteopathic education provided in the UK is highly respected internationally, however, regulations for using the title ‘osteopath’ can differ from country to country. If you plan to work abroad you should investigate the requirements of that country before embarking on a course of study.

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