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Osteopathic Healthcare Week starts 16th April

Osteopathic Healthcare Week starts on Monday 16th April and the Institute of Osteopathy is teaming up with Talkhealth, an online patient forum, to answer patient and carer questions about osteopathic practice, elite and recreational sport, advice about your posture, arthritis and getting older and osteopathy for children and babies.  Experts will be on hand from Monday 16th to Friday 20th April to answer questions from the Talkhealth community.    You can view questions and answers from our expert osteopaths posted below.  If you want to ask a question about your health visit the Talkhealth forum and register for free to post your question to our experts.… Read more ›

New research finds that many back-pain patients aren’t receiving the care they need

The Lancet have published a series of papers on low back pain, calling on medical professionals worldwide to stop offering ineffective and potentially harmful treatments to patients. The research states that people with low back pain are being harmed, not helped, with an over-reliance on scans, surgeries and opioid prescriptions to treat a problem that could be more effectively addressed with self-management and less-invasive physical and psychological therapies. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, effecting more than 540 million people.  Disability caused by low back pain has risen by more than 50% since 1990.… Read more ›

Back off: how to cure the commuter’s curse

This interesting article with reference to osteopathy, looks at the posture of commuters in London:  

Common back pain myths

Osteopath Anna Roberts, takes a closer look at some of the common myths around back pain, find out more below:

Text Neck: How looking down can strain your neck

iO Immediate Past President Robin Lansman speaks to The Sun about mobile phone usage and how spending hours a day looking down at a screen can have a detrimental effect on your health.

iO Convention 2018, Call for Presentations

With the 2017 iO Convention just a few weeks behind us, it is already time to start planning for 2018. As we look to set an exciting programme for next year, we are seeking presentations that delegates will find informative and engaging. The iO Convention brings the profession together to celebrate all that’s great about osteopathy. If you would like to speak at the convention, please make your submission by 15 January 2018, when they will be reviewed by our selection panel. Proposals will need to include your contact details, a brief biography and full details of the proposed session,… Read more ›

Discover how your bra may be causing you back pain

iO President Robin Lansman speaks to Yahoo Style UK about how your bra may be causing back pain, even if the signs aren’t obvious.      

Find out how massage can help with some of the most common stomach problems

Osteopath Andrea Rippe explains how massage can help with some of the most common stomach problems in this information piece, read more below:    

Carrying your child incorrectly is responsible for 80,000 injuries a year

New research has found that more than 80,000 people in Britain a year injure their backs, knees and other joints by incorrectly carrying children. iO member Amberin Fur shares her advice with the Daily Mail here:    

iO’s Matthew Rogers provides advice on how to manage osteoarthritis

The Institute of Osteopathy’s, Head of Professional Development, Matthew Rogers, talks with The Telegraph about what you can do to help treat osteoarthritis in this interesting article: